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Our beautiful Maileg Miniature Kitchen is a must-have. The kitchen comes with 3 freshly baked buns in the oven. Many hours of play are secured with this wonderful product.

The kitchen measures about 4 inches long by about 7 inches wide by a little over 4 inches tall. The kitchen is made of metal.

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Height: 4.3in, Width: 7.5in, Depth: 3.9in, Net weight: 1.5lb




Surface wash
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Quality toys

Best toys for nieces and nephew

I recently purchased from a local boutique the house, mice and a lot of the home furnishings for the house :) this is one of my favorite pieces. My nieces and nephew adore playing with the mice in the house, along with the cars, bikes and kitchen. These are the best investment toys I've made and I know they will last for a long time so I can gift them to my great nieces and nephews

Great quality

It is heavy duty and metal and perfect color. If you buy the teapot, it fits perfectly in the back burner on top. The buns in the oven are adorable and the little door under the sink can fit a lot. We put the two teacups under there and other dishes. I have an ikea dollhouse and this kitchen and fridge barely fit but work ok. Eventually we would love a bigger house :) this will last forever. My toddler loves to open and shit the doors on this and has a blast and can’t harm it because it’s so heavy duty. Good job!

Elena D.
Vintage Mini Kitchen

The kitchen is lovely - well designed and well made, but like many of Maileg's wonderful products, it is tricky to figure out which size animals it is designed to go with. While it will technically fit in the doll house it is not really in the right proportion to the house and definitely not made to go with the mice or any of the furniture that do fit the mice (such as the metal beds). I did love this kitchen and wished it fit our mouse house, but sadly, it did go back. While accurate measurements are given, I think it would be helpful to show each of these furniture type products next to the animal size it was intended for to help people visualize the item in context.

Great service!

The initial mini kitchen I ordered came beautifully packaged, however there was a crack in the glass of the oven door. After speaking with customer service, they quickly shipped me a replacement - for free! Truly a wonderful gesture as these products are not cheap! The mini fridge is wonderfully made and super cute. My daughter is going to be so excited to play with it Christmas morning!