Tooth Fairy Mouse, Blue - Maileg USA

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At night the tooth fairy spreads fairy dust, collects teeth, brings treats, and makes sure you have sweet dreams. Dressed magically in soft tones and with a shiny hat and a sparkly backpack, our friend also has a tooth box and a matchbox to rest.

Need To Know

Height: 6.3in, Net weight: 0.1lb



70% Cotton/30% Polyester

Polyester/PE Pellets

Machine wash at 30 degrees C
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Customer Reviews

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Rosie P.
Tooth Fairt

My granddaughters love all of their Maileg mouse collection. This will probably be the last year for the tooth fairy to come for the little one. She was beyond thrilled with the tooth fairy from Maileg. These are wonderful gifts that children love. Thank you so much for checking in.

Linda L.S.
Grandson loves his tooth fairy!

Received the blue tooth fairy. My grandson had been sending out hints that he would sure love to have a blue fairy. He has several of other Mail mouse dolls. This one did not disappoint. He was so happy. Now he just needs to get a loose tooth!!


So adorable!


Super cute! Everything about this mouse is cute!!

Douglas O.D.
What's not to love?!!!

As a dentist I am always on the lookout for "Tooth Fairy" paraphernalia. I have a glass display case and this tooth fairy is in a prominent place. The quality of the materials is top notch. The creativity is so impressive! I would think it is for display only. Little children will ruin it but this could be used to create some magic for children and be something that will be a collectors item with strong childhood ties.