Hiker Mouse, Big Brother - Maileg USA

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This mouse is well-prepared for a hiking trip in the wild nature. He is dressed for days of walking and brings his sleeping bag for nights under the stars. He has magnets in his hands. Add more accessories from the hiker collection for more play.

SKU: 17-3209-00
Size: Big sister/ brother
Height: 5.11 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30 C
Material: Cotton
Filling: Recycled polyester/PE Pellets

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Customer Reviews

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I love the hikers, they are my all-time favorite mice. We have taken them outside for some adventures in our tent and they are just so perfect.

Lisa C

I’m an adult without kids and I’ve always loved miniatures. I have been waiting for this guy for months. This mouse in particular as his hat is similar to my Tilley hat! He is well made and very charming. I’ve enjoyed buying the accessories made for him and I adore taking photos of him out and about. I may not be a child anymore but I enjoy the bit of whimsy he brings into my life.