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This mouse will for sure be the perfect help in housekeeping. The mouse is classically maid dressed and ready to serve all guests. She has magnets in her hands so it is easier to hold the metal kitchen utensils.

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Height: 5.9in, Net weight: 0.0lb




Recycled Polyester / PE Pellets

Machine wash at 30 degrees C


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Carey B.
Obsessed grammie

I drcided to start this collection of the royal castle and its occupants for my year old grand daughter, Olive Moon. I figured I would start now ( being retired on a budget) and in 2-3 years when she was ready I would have it complete. However, this grammie has become obsessed and has more than half of the castle furnished and most of its occupants. I try to find coupons or sales from wherever I can because as I said, I am retired and 10-15 percent off often helps especially when certain pieces become available. I need the right side of the castle and its furnishings and to be honest I think it has become just as much for me as for baby Olive Moon. The mice come alive with the detailing and expressions and the furniture is made so superbly you want to shrink yourself and live there yourself. I promise to keep one room for my grand daughter to furnish herself with her own choices. But, for now I am still in need of those comfy green liviing room chairs, the fireplace and all the trimmings for the bath! Both tubs for me. I have visions of this being a heirloom passed along to many more daughters and grandchildren. Creative play thats what being a child is all about and Grammies too

The magnet hands are the best!!

My daughter absolutely loves this mouse because she has magnetic hands she can carry lots of items. She dresses her as the main but also dresses her in other big sister clothes. We hope that you make more of them or all of them with magnetic hands great idea!!


We have named her Madame Fleur and she has come to help take care of the castle and all the little sweet mouse children. The magnets in the hands are a fun new addition so she can help Chef Jacques in the kitchen. She is adorable.

Had to have it this mouse!

I love Maileg mice. I have an addiction for them so I really didn't need another but I had to have her. MAGNETS IN THE HANDS. She holds the mop really well.