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This bunny comes in very soft and unique plush fabric. It has a lovely bow around the neck, crafted out of beautiful Maileg fabrics. It has an adorable look and is bound to be a treasured companion!

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Height: 13.4in, Net weight: 0.5lb




Machine wash at 30 degrees C
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This is the softest bunny ….. a special
Friend for almost anyone who loves and cares for stuffed friends

poorly made bow

The bunny is so sweet and soft, we fell in love with it and the Easter Bunny brought it in our granddaughters basket. Before the night was over, the bow had completely unraveled and had to be thrown away. What a big disappointment! Since it came from the bunny, our granddaughter wouldn't consider exchanging it so we are stuck with a really expensive bunny without it's beautiful bow. I called the day after Easter to see if the company could help but their lines were so busy that I had to leave a message for a call's been 2 1/2 weeks and I'm still waiting

Hi there! Thank you for your review and for being a part of our Maileg world! We are sorry to hear about your sweet bunny's bow and would be happy to send you a new bow. Please reach out to us at and we will take care of this for you. Thank you!

Mrs. B.
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Oh My. This bunny may be my favorite purchase from Maileg, ever. When I pulled this bunny out of the box, I almost cried because it is so beautiful and precious and soft. I just know it will be the absolute best friend to our little daughter, and that makes me so happy.

We bought this for our daughter as a special gift before a very long car ride (she's not quite two).

The bunny is floppy - be aware of that. But it is perfect for cuddling.

My only complaint is that the bow around the bunny's neck is made of fabric that was cut along the grain - so there are little strings coming off everywhere.