Bed for Teddy Mum - Rose - Maileg USA

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A wooden bed that fits the Teddy mom perfectly. Beautiful handpainted details on the bed - variation may occur. Soft bed linen, made in unique fabrics, will keep your teddy warm all night.

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Height: 5.1in, Width: 9.8in, Depth: 5.5in, Net weight: 0.9lb



FSC Wood/Cotton


Surface wash
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Sweet little bed

This bed is very sweet. Mum tucks into the bed tightly, and it looks so cozy. I love that each teddy has his/her own little bed for themselves. All the beds are very cute, and I love that you can remove the pillow, mattress, and blanket so that you can “wash” the beds on cleaning day. The beds are eye catching without taking away from any other accessories stored around the beds. I made little bedrooms on a shelf for the bears, and the beds are the best part. I love all the beds, (obviously) but this one is my favorite. The color is beautiful and soft looking on this bed, and the details are stunning! All the beds are very high quality, and pair perfectly with the other beds and the teddy’s pajamas. These beds and accessories make me want to wear mum’s pjs and jump right into her bed!