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Our friendly dinos couldn't be more huggable and cuddly. They have beads in the bottom, so they are even more lifelike and can sit on their own. Our gantos fit perfectly inside of their eggs and have an elastic band that fits around to keep them safe inside of their home. 

Materials include cotton, linen.

Measures 9 in. tall



Need To Know

Height: 9.1in, Net weight: 0.2lb




Recycled Polyester / PE Pellets

Machine wash at 30 degrees C
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Customer Reviews

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linda b.

not the pretty rose i was hoping for,
plus we wanted a middle size, not small, like the one we got....
kind of disappointing.

Hi Linda! Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with your Ganto. As we cannot change the color, we do have a larger Ganto in Egg available if you would like to make an exchange. Please reach out to our customer support team at and we will take care of you. Thank you for being a part of our Maileg world.


Love love this brand. One of the treasures we’ll keep for them when they are older.


Perfect. Just like the pictures

Perfect for 2 year old

Our little girl is obsessed with dinos and in particular baby hatching dinos. This little guy is the perfect size and so cuddly! Love that it is made of cotton and will be easy to wash.

So disappointing in the changes to this product!

I have been buying the Ganto Dino for years as a favorite go-to gift. The recent changes are so disappointing, The color is no longer a lovely rose pink but a very orange-y coral. The different fabric on the front and the addition of a tag sewn into the body changes how nice the Dino felt when holding and cuddling Even the egg is not as cute or well-made. I had to fight with it to get it to close and adding an elastic to a baby toy is so odd. All these changes takes away from the lovely simplicity that made the Dino so special. Please consider why the Dino's have been so loved and go back to the original design!

Hi Sharla! Thank you for being a part of our Maileg universe. We appreciate your review. Our designers are extremely intentional with any update they decide to make for a product, whether it is color, fabric or stitching. We can assure you that there is thoughtfulness behind every update. However, we are sorry to hear you are disappointed with this design. Please note that the elastic strap has a tag that states that feature of the product is not a toy. The strap is designed to keep the two pieces of the egg in tact when it is not being played with. Thank you again for your review, Sharla!