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Our Hiker Mouse is back! He has a soft, breathable shirt so he doesn't get too warm while hiking, and durable orange pants so his legs stay safe while walking through the wilderness. His wide-brimmed hat will save his adorable face from sunburn, and his elastic straps make it easy for him to carry his sleeping bag on his back. This year, hiker has magnets in his hands for more story telling fun...he can hold his new accessories! 

Not all of the new hiker accessories have made it to us just yet, so make sure you subscribe here to stay updated on arrivals!

Hiker Mouse Big Brother is about 5" tall and fits our Micro Furniture. 

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Customer Reviews

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Julia D.
Oh so cute!

I am a 14-year-old Maileg collecter, and my 9-year-old little brother received this mouse, along with the single tent, for Christmas. He ADORES him, and plays with him almost every day. The clothing is such good quality, and the sleeping bag is too precious.
"Henry Mouse" enjoys playing with my mice in their mouse house a lot and continues to have many camping adventures :)

Beth C.
Love this mouse!!

We love him! My boys are 6&5 and they love this mouse!!

Best mouse

I have ordered a lot of the mice and this one is the best because the clothes are easy to remove and put on and also because the mouse had magnetic hands. This mouse can hold the baby we ordered and I really wish the parents had magnetic hands for that reason. We also ordered the campfire set and tent and my son loves it. It was his favorite Christmas present. It is great quality and worth the money put into it.

Amazing quality!

I'm always impressed with the quality of Maileg! Everyone in my family put money in to buy this mouse, the lantern, tent, bonfire set, and thermos for my now nine-year-old son because it's all he asked for for his birthday. He was so excited, and my husband made a wooden box for everything to fit in. I painted the inside of the lid to look like a night sky and the bottom of the inside to look like grass with trees painted on the walls. My son played with everything all day, and even took his mouse outside for an adventure. Now my oldest son has asked if there's a "Paleontologist Mouse", so if you happen to make one, Maileg, he has requested miniature chisels and brushes 😂.

Hi Hannah! Thank you for this heartwarming review, we are so happy your son is loving his new mouse and accessories. Hoping he creates many more sweet memories with these pieces. A paleontologist mouse is such a fun idea! Thank you for being a part of our universe :)

Charlotte's M.
Hiker Mouse is great!

Didn't realize he comes with his own sleeping bag; I purchased the separate sleeping bag for him. Note that the sleeping bag that comes on his back is quite a bit smaller than the ones purchased separately, though it is close in color, so I think some larger size mouse or bunny could actually fit in the larger sleeping bags if they wanted to join in the fun!