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A boy and girl jumping on a bed in pj's

The Physical Benefits of Pretend Play

Through the natural simple movements of play, the child develops many physical skills.

A child outside wearing overalls with Maileg mice in her pockets.

The Gift of Pretend Play

Play happens everywhere children are. This series explore the vast benefits of pretend pla

A room with Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits

5 Maileg Designs You Probably Haven't Seen

Take a look at these hidden gems, the variety might surprise you.

A girl smiling with her Maileg Superhero Mice

Maileg Partners with International Rett Syndrome Foundation for Donation

Join our fight to find a cure and add a new friend to your Maileg collection too.

The Maileg Noah's Arc with Mini Lion, Rhino and Pig

Here We Are At Home Part 4

The children are like currents in a stream; they will flow and eddy and swirl in different directions stirring up a bit of chaos as they go. Routines will bring the currents together. 

Where should you start? Here are some things to keep in mind while you find your way.

Two children with Maileg Maxi Prince and Princess Mouse

Here We Are At Home, Part 3 Finding a Family Rhythm

At school, the schedule is set, and there is one single schedule for the class. The whole group of students flows together and that momentum carries them. But at home, there are too many distractions.

Giving your children ownership of the schedule will help them to buy into it.

Two girls playing with the Maileg Cha

Here We Are At Home Pt 2. Let Them Play.

Being at home is not the same as being at school. Trying to set the same rules at home is artificial and creates unnecessary battles. So, let go of the strict rules.


Part 2 of a Series dedicated to working at home while educating our children. 

A girl sitting in a desk chair with Maileg Safari Friends

Here We Are At Home, Pt 1

I don’t know yet how we will do this, but I do know that we can do this. We can all do this.

Part 1 of a Series dedicated to working at home while educating our children.

A girl sitting in front of a Mirror

Fun and Magical Activities for Kids to Enjoy at Home

Let’s bring the family together and have some fun by tapping into our imaginations!.