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5 Maileg Designs You Probably Haven't Seen

5 Maileg Designs You Probably Haven't Seen

July 16, 2021

The Maileg Universe is bigger than you think!

With new designs and styles each season, it's hard to keep up! In our world, there is always more to discover and inspire your next story time scene. Take a look at these hidden gems, the variety might surprise you. If you are already familiar with these designs, then you're officially a Maileg guru! 


Little Tooth Fairy Mouse

Have you spotted this little fairy in our universe yet? This sweet little mouse is the smallest in our tooth fairy collection and comes with its own bag, shaped like a tooth. This fairy loves to bring treats to children when they lose their teeth! Little Tooth Fairy fits right inside the bag, along with a special pouch to hold teeth, room for tooth fairy prizes, and whatever else you may fit inside!


Maileg Blocks

We have a set of beautifully designed, reversible blocks. These classic wooden blocks are perfect for any little builder. Each side has different colors and designs, and they double as a decorative accent to your Maileg collection when playtime is over. Have fun exploring and matching the different patterns and colors printed on each block!


Cool Rats

WARNING! Our mice are cool, but could they be as cool as our Cool Rats? These characters are full of personality, charisma, and charm. Looking for a new best friend? Our Cool Rats are always up for surprises and fun. These clever rats turned their traps into cozy living quarters to hang out in. Watch out for these cheeky guys, especially if you have cheese!


Panda Rug

You probably knew we had panda soft toys, but did you know about our Panda Rug? Our panda rug looks adorable as an accent in a child's playroom, bathroom, or bedroom! This rug is the cutest spot to play with your Maileg friends and is built to be durable for all playtime activities. Oh, and did we mention it's machine washable?


Gold Mirror

Our mirror is carefully crafted for all your vanity needs. Use the mirror to add that royal feeling when playing dress-up, experiment new hair do's, or to get ready for your next big performance. This mirror is very sturdy and includes a small jewelry dish to hold your accessories.

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