Rainy Day Play Ideas & Activites For Kids - Maileg USA

When the weather calls for an indoor play day, keeping your child entertained is a challenging task, especially when you want to keep their eyes away from screens! Our sweet Maileg friends are the perfect rainy-day companions and will keep your child immersed in playtime. Take a look at some activities your kids can do with their Maileg friends  on a rainy-day. 

1. Draw Your Maileg Friend

Drawing is always a great rainy day activity, but it's even better when your Maileg friend is your muse! A simple pen and paper allow a child's imagination to run freely across the page. Maybe your child will draw themselves and their Maileg bestie on an adventure at the sea or add a creative twist to their animal portrait like this fox drawing below! 

Photo Credits: Claudia Tyvia Cooper-Champniss

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy way to keep your child active and is so much fun! Hide your child's Maileg friends throughout your home and watch their excitement grow each time they find one of their beloved animals.

3. Host a Tea Party

A classic tea party never gets old! Your living room floor transforms into a vibrant outdoor garden and the water becomes a warm cup of peppermint tea. Children can attend their imaginative tea party for hours, chatting with their dolls and eating small treats. Dressing the part makes it even more fun. Explore our charming Dress-Up designs here! 

Photo Credits: @colorsofclara

4. Read a Book to your Maileg Friend

If your child is at the age when they are learning to read, there is no better (or fun) way to practice than reading to your Maileg friends! There are many books written about the same animals as our Maileg friends so your child can imagine their pal as the main character! Check out the best books to encourage imagination here! 

5. Dance Party

Put on some music and get moving and grooving around the house! Dance is another great way to get active and express yourself. Our Maileg friends are the perfect dance partners because their functional limbs make them look so lively. Your child can make up a dance to perform or teach their Maileg friends some new moves. The opportunities are endless with some music and an open play space. Take a peek at our dance designs here!

6. DIY New Stories

Get crafty and create new stories with items you have laying around the house! Recycle items like cardboard and newspaper into a fun scene and let your child do the decorating with paint and markers. Play-Doh is another great option because you can mold anything from a couch to a cookie! Your Maileg friend will be grateful and your child will have a blast. 

Photo Credits: @bastelhits4kids

Photo Credits: @chasingwindmillskids 

Photo Credits: @steph.boyce

7. Do the Yoga ABC's

Explore the many ways your body can move by trying different yoga poses! The yoga ABC's are a fun activity to practice your letters and stretch out your limbs. 

8. Play in the Rain

A rainy-day does not necessarily mean you're stuck inside. Throw on some rainboots and let loose! Splashing around in the puddles and getting wet without a care in the world are the beautiful little moments of childhood. Explore rain-play ideas here! 

The Teddy's love to splash in puddles and go rainbow chasing in their New Rainwear! Bring your Teddy friends along with you on your next rainy-day adventure.