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Maileg Staff Features Ellen

We never take for granted the wonderful people who make Maileg USA such a special place to work. Everyone that works here has a unique story to tell about what brought them here, and luckily for us, their stories make us the passionate family that we are. In a series of upcoming blogs, we want to share some of the magical characters who call Maileg home. 

The very first person we're featuring is likely the most recognizable to anyone who has placed an order with us. As many of you know, Ellen is one of our happiness heroes, ensuring that anyone who opens their Maileg order feels like they're receiving a special gift. No matter how big or small the box, she does her part in making sure it always comes with a smile.

We sat down with her recently and asked her to describe her experience working at Maileg. Her favorite parts of her role here, and to help you get to know a little more about the person behind her signature smiley face. :)

Name: Ellen K.
Years at Maileg: 9
Role: Warehouse Assistant

Maileg: For starters, what's your favorite Maileg toy?
Ellen: Hands down the XL Fluffy Buffy Bunny. It's so soft!

Maileg: Describe your favorite memory of working at Maileg so far.
Ellen: The first time a customer mentioned my name and thank you because of the way their order looked. That means a lot because we all put so much into the way every order looks.

Maileg: Has anything surprised you about working here at Maileg?
Ellen: I had retired about four times before I started to work here. I went from 1-2 days a year to full-time here at Maileg. It surprised me honestly that I would do that. I play a lot of golf, so it surprised me that I would give that up. I like the people, and I've been friends with Hanne and Lars (our owners) for years. It's been a special relationship. Being around a group of people that are a wide range of ages. It's something special.

Maileg: What do you find the most challenging and the easiest about your role here?
Ellen: Sometimes just having enough hours in the day, because there's just so much to do. The easiest part of the job? Coming in every morning. I love getting up and coming to work.

Maileg: What do you wish other people knew about Maileg?
Ellen: I wish more people who have never experienced Maileg could understand that you don't need technology to make toys that today's children really want to play with. Because there is no technology with Maileg. It's all imaginative toys. Because once a child discovers Maileg, they discover their imagination.

Maileg: Tell us all a little bit about your career before Maileg?
I worked in Detroit. Moved there in the 90's and wound up working for one of the largest exhibit houses in Detroit. They did trade shows for national brands and museums. Initially I went to work for the automotive hall of fame.

Now that we've heard about your Maileg experience, let's get into some odds and ends...

Maileg: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Ellen: I play golf whenever I can, I play bridge, and I read a lot.

Maileg: Favorite toy or game growing up?
Ellen: My Easy Bake Oven.

Maileg: What's your favorite smell?
Ellen: Apple pie or any baked good. Takes me back to my childhood.

Maileg: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Ellen: Speak another language. Spanish, Chinese, and I'd like to improve my French.

We hope you've enjoyed our blog about Ellen as much as we enjoy her contributions and personality at the office. Ellen takes so much pride in her work and it shows in every Maileg order she prepares. In the next staff feature, we'll take a closer look at our Sales & Marketing Manager, Dusty.