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Hiker Mouse Chronicles

The son of one of our owners was preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018. 'What a cute idea if he could bring a mouse with him!' Then the idea for the Hiker Mouse was born. 

A couple weeks later, our designer sent a little Hiker Mouse to join him on the journey. They have since completed all 2650 miles and we have some wonderful pictures to share!

Hiker Mouse - from Mexico to Canada. All the way from Denmark.

The Maileg Hiker mouse walked all the way from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, via the Pacific Crest Trail. His guide was a master outdoorsman named Marcus. The trail is 2650 miles long which measures about 139,920,000 mouse steps! He was a tired little guy. 

He had is waterproof mouse tent and warm sleeping bag with him along the way. His favorite moments were meeting new friends along the trail from all over the world and sitting around the campfire each night. And yes there is a Girl Hiker Mouse coming soon!!

Camping Collection

Hiker Mouse

Bring the little guy home. He comes with a cute wide brim hat and a sleeping bag on his back.

Mouse Tent

Sleep under the stars with your mouse friend. Imagine what its like to live on the trail for 5 months!


Exploring in the dark is fun, exciting and maybe a little spooky. Stay safe with this fun light.