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Many of us, along with our little ones, now find much of our time being spent at home. We want to help anyway we can, so we have started a blog series devoted to the changes every family is feeling and adapting to right now, together. We are separate, but we are not alone. 

The first in our series is devoted to play. We recently asked our Maileg USA team what fun games and activities they enjoyed when they were younger, or what they do with their children now. Here are a few of the experiences they shared and ideas that came with it.

Let’s bring the family together and have some fun by tapping into our imaginations!

Caroline, Sales and Operations

“Blanket forts are always #1 in our house. You can even add a box fan to keep it cool!

We love to trace our bodies with chalk and then recreate a cool look, such as an alien, astronaut, ballerina, or fireman.

I even handed the kids a paintbrush with a bucket of water and let them ‘paint’ the fence. This works best with toddlers.

Backyard scavenger hunts, puppet shows, and making playdough are favorites, too. We even camp inside and tell ghost stories while roasting marshmallows in the fireplace.”

Ellen, Warehouse 

“When I was a little girl, we used to play ‘grocery store’. All the canned goods would get prices, someone would be the cashier, another person would play the customer, and we would use buttons from the ‘button tin’ or pennies from the ‘big jar’ my father kept on his workbench as a form of payment. 

We also used to make books out of construction paper, decorate the outside with ribbon, and write a story to go inside.”

Christian, Ecommerce Manager

“We created a fort in our living room with dining table chairs and blankets. We also played i-Spy with different objects in the house.”

Mette, Accounting

“We played a hiding game when I was younger. One person hides an object in the room and the other person tries to find it. As that person gets closer to the hidden object you say, ‘getting warmer’, and when they move away from the object you say, ‘getting colder’. If they are super close you say, ‘you’re burning!’, and once they’ve finally found it you say, ‘on fire!’.

Red Light, Green Light, Go!, is another great game. You can even add a ‘Yellow Light’, which requires you to move in slow motion. It’s a fun way to keep everyone on their toes!

Also, why not get creative and design a sock puppet? All you need is a sock, a few markers, a couple of buttons, some yarn, and your imagination.”


Dusty, CEO

“I remember when I was 14 or so I would watch my niece who was 3 or 4 at the time. I would take a bed sheet, lay it out on the floor, sit her in the middle, and pull her behind me everywhere I went. Around the house or in the yard, she just loved being pulled everywhere. Eventually, I just tied the sheet around my waist and did normal things while pulling her around. It was very easy and fun, something anyone could do!”

John, Brand Manager

“I was really into cartoons and comic books when I was younger. Ok, I still am. Anyway, I would sketch objects around the house with my dad, like the tv, the refrigerator, a plant, etc. Naturally, we would personify them and come up with our own universe together. With every piece of paper, a new story began and so did a new laugh. I would even go as far as to draw my family and our dog in what I believed their superhero costumes would look like. My mom was always the strongest. Sorry dad.”


Check out a couple more kid-friendly activities to try below. 

Dress Up 

Dressing up in fun playful costumes is always fun! Encourage kids to create their own imaginary characters using older clothing or past costumes to create their own stories. From hats to shoes, dressing up and pretend play can be so fun and time-consuming (wink wink).

Scavenger Hunts

Perfect to play indoors or outdoors (weather permitting), scavenger hunts are a perfect way to keep kids’ brains and imagination roaming as they scour to find hidden gems! If space is limited, try a game of I-Spy. This is a fun and exciting way to keep kids busy and searching for special objects you’ve got your eyes on.

Arts and Crafts

If you have some art supplies and drawing paper, let the kids create some exciting masterpieces. From storybooks to tracing hands, grabbing a pencil and paper is always a fun idea. Kids can explore their creative sides while keeping themselves occupied! I’m sure they will run to show you their awesome creations!


Some other fun indoor and outdoor activities to try with kids are creating mini campsites with actual camping tents or imaginary tents and forts using sheets, blankets, and chairs. This is uber exciting because it gives kids the chance to use imaginations to create camp areas or even fun castles where they can rule their own palace!

Boxes and Containers

Have a few empty boxes or containers around the house? Consider having the kids create imaginary race cars or spaceships! Kids can get creative by designing and decorating their imaginary rides by adding cool accessories. Once, they’re done designing, they can have a special race or countdown to lift off into their own imaginary worlds!

These are just a few ideas our team shared, but check out a couple of more kid-friendly activities to try below:

· Building Blocks or Playdough Pretend Play

· Sock Puppets and Puppet Shows

· Grocery Store Pretend Play

We hope you enjoyed our ideas! Check out our next blog below.