Maileg Customer Appreciation & Love - Maileg USA

We love you, Maileg Family!

Our favorite part of the day is receiving and reading lovely emails from customers across the country who have fallen in love with Maileg. Connecting with you makes our hearts grow bigger.

We've received some beautiful emails on what Maileg means to their family and we've read emails thanking us for all the 'little things' we do to show how much we care for each package that leaves our facility. 

We just wanted to share a few of them and simply say... "Thank you."

Wonderful note about a hippo :)


 I just wanted to send you this email to let you know how pleased I am with your brand and customer service.

We bought 2 red hippos from you: the first one is Henry (the original) that we purchased in a local shop in Phoenix, Arizona, and the second one (from you directly) as a back up (God forbid, Henry needs to take a shower or even worse, got lost...).

When we received Henry II, I was really pleased to find a hand written note wishing him well in our home. It was really a kind thought, especially in this day and age, where everything has become so impersonal.

Thank you again. I know my son is very fortunate to have found his lovey in Henry.

Kind regards, Julie

Maileg is for the whole family!

Thank you Maileg for such wonderful quality toys. My 5 year old daughter whom I call “my bunny bun” due to her fascination of bunnies and the “Annies”bunny cookies,.. adores Maileg bunnies as well as the mouse family! She Cannot wait for her teeth to begin falling to get her mouse tooth fairy!!! :)

Timeless creations!!! As an adult I see it and it feels like toys from an elegant 1800’s era. My kids love it , I love it! Thank you!!!!! Maileg! Keep making these exquisite creations for my bunny bun Anabelle.

Valentine's Day Tradition

I have bought these mice for the kids on Valentine's Day for as long as I can remember. I wasn't going to do it this year, until about three days ago when Joseph said, "Mom, I can't wait for Valentine's Day and for when we get our mice!"

These little traditions we are making make my heart so happy. These kids bring so much magic into my day and they make even celebrating Valentine's Day so sweet. 

Maileg is a brand filled with love!

Dear Maileg,

 When my sister got cancer, I sent her a Maileg mouse to keep her company. After my other sister’s husband died, I sent her a mouse to sit by her bed to talk to at night. My 2 year old granddaughter just became a big sister. She got baby brother mouse to keep ballerina mouse company. Maileg elves decorate my Christmas mantle. 

Maileg has been with me through joys and sorrows, and they always make me smile. Today, I got a gift of mice from you, and they came on a day when I really needed them. Thank you, thank you. I appreciate your quality, charm, and whimsy....and I appreciate your generosity. You made my day.

Gratefully, Janet