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The sweet Gantosaurus collection will ensure a lot of playful hours. This Gantosaurus Rex hand puppets are made of soft fabric and are perfect for fun imaginary play in a cool jungle adventure. Our hand puppets are super special because they will stand on their own and not fall flat like other hand puppets.

Made of Cotton & Linen

Measures about 11 inches

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My grandkids liked them

My 3 Year Old Best Friend

It is love at first sight for my little one when he saw it in the store. Little “Rexy” became part of our family soon after. While he has many plushy, this is the only one that he would have conversation with like an imaginary friend. We have seen great improvement in his speech development since we got this little plush. My son has speech delay and we were having trouble getting him to engage in conversation with others. Who would have thought that a cute and friendly looking little Hand puppet would help so much.


My 3-year old nephew LOVES his new Dino. It soft and weirdly expressive and somehow eeems kind. Nephew asks him questions about feelings and how he’s doing. And they even are learning how to poop in the potty together. Match made in heaven. He had a bunch of other stuffed animals and a few other puppets, but this one is turning out to be his good buddy. Will definitely gift to other 3-year olds.