Maileg Facebook Group Summertime Stories - Maileg USA

Hello Maileg Family. Just checking in... Hope you are all having a great summer. Speaking of summer, we have some great photos we thought we'd show you from the talented story makers of the Official Maileg USA Facebook Group. These talented artists have created charming and whimsical worlds, showing their Maileg Friends enjoying this wonderful, carefree season. It seems that everyone has been traveling this summer. Enjoy! 

Summer Vacations with Tabitha C.

Happy Fourth of July from the beach in Florida!

This little fella enjoyed a recent trip to Nashville, Tenn.

Quality Time Outside with Lanie M.

Summer is the best time to go out and enjoy the nice weather. Whether enjoying s'mores by the campfire, taking in a beautiful day at the lake, or exploring new places, there is always a new adventure and story to begin.

Enjoying s'mores by the fire

Maisel, Sunny, Baxter and Parker taking in a day on the water.

Hiker Mouse on the way to her next summer destination.

An International Honeymoon with Heather S.

After saying "I do" herself, Heather's wedding mice couple went on a honeymoon to Europe and took in the sights and sounds of Paris and Rome, too. What a lovely time together!

Adventures with Heidi C.

Summer is better with your better half by your side.  To play, to take in the scenes, and experience new adventures... These two mice had the time of their lives no matter where their summer travels took them.

More of Our Favorite Story Makers

The Official Maileg USA Facebook Group, as you can see, is a wealth of amazing story tellers.  They come from all around the Country and adore their Maileg friends. We'd love for you to join us there, too.  Our private community of Maileg lovers share photos of their favorite friends, their children's playtime setups, inspire each other with new ideas, and help each other with purchase decisions.

The Facebook Group is also an exclusive spot for Last Chance Offers, special limited-time discounts, and the place where contests and giveaways start first. Keep in the know with what's happening at Maileg and join today!

A trip to the theater! - Courtesy of Mo G

First day at camp! - Courtesy of Michele P.

It's a busy day volunteering at the animal shelter this weekend! - Courtesy of Michele P.