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Toys That Travel Well

Summer Break is coming up and that means traveling with your kids! Keep them occupied in the car or plane with cute toys that travel well. They can build a fort in the car with their mice friends or let them look out the window as the world goes by from the sky. We also have cuddly friends to keep them safe during take off and landing for those of us who aren’t sure about flying.  

Mice in Box

Mice in boxes are a great way to introduce the world of Maileg to your children. It is also a compact world of its own. Our mice in a box or tin are great options because they are self contained and have a little place to snuggle up when its time to rest.

The box is made out of a hard cardboard that makes it resilient to travel. They can easily fit into bags and backpacks, too!

Hiker Mouse Bundle

You can't think about warmer months and travel without the hiker mouse! This adorable bundle is made for the great outdoors. The new tent is made from laminated linen so it can withstand the heat and rain. The hiker mouse comes with a sleeping bag that he carries on his back when he is awake.

The hiker mouse is the perfect travel buddy for your next outdoor excursion in the wild. Flashlight included for scary story time.

Safari Friends

These friends are as cute as they are cuddly! When going on long car rides, your children can play with them and create their story, or they can use them as a soft pillow to sleep and pass time.

The Safari Friends are small and easy to tote along. They're a good fit for everyone and come in many different colors and sizes. 

Mouse House

Tired of loose toys rolling around in the car on long trips? Taking the Mouse House with you on trips is a good way to keep up with loose toys on the road, but also a great "Home Away from Home". 

Create a story as you travel where you experience different cultures just like your mice do in their stories, too! 

Mini Bunnies

These adorable bunnies are the perfect travel size. No need to take large bunnies when you can bring their mini friends on vacation. They are small enough to be called "pocket size". Your children can create scenes and imagine new stories as you travel. 

Take this Maileg signature product on trips with you to always have the amazing story you've created already with your other toys. 

Jungle Friends

The Jungle Friends come in a convenient home of their own in-between play. The keepsake tin is a conversation starter for anyone who sees it, and can be easily packed in a suitcase or backpack. 

When in play, the Jungle Friends come to life. The monkey has magnetic hands that can hold onto something. When not in play, the monkey can hangout and watch over and protect children as they sleep.

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