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Whether you are taking a trip to the grocery store or across the country, kids often need a source of entertainment on the way. From planes, trains, to car rides, it's hard to resist just handing your child a phone. Instead, give them a Maileg friend, and watch their imagination unfold on the way to your next adventure.

They can build a fort in the car with their mice friends or let them look out the window as the world goes by from the sky. A Maileg friend offers companionship too. A cuddly friend provides comfort in new, unfamiliar environments or serves as a safety blanket for those who aren't keen on flying airplanes. Explore our selection of toys that travel well and gift your child their perfect travel buddy.

Mice in Box

Our Mice in Boxes are the perfect little travel companions. The mice live in a miniature world of their own, so they're an easy addition to your suitcase. Our mice can snuggle up in their box after a day of travel. Each box is made out of sturdy cardboard making them travel resilient. They can easily fit into bags and backpacks too! A mouse in a box is especially great for plane rides when you are in pinch to bring a toy small enough for a carry-on bag.

Hiker Mouse Collection

Our Hiker Mice are the best adventure buddies. These adorable characters are made for the great outdoors and love a nature excursion. The hikers carry a sleeping bag on their back so they always have a place to rest. Expand the playtime stories with our Happy Camper Tent. The tent comes in a compact box, so you can collapse it and store it in a suitcase when your on-the-go. The Hiker Mice are the perfect travel buddies for your next outdoor excursion in the wild. Make sure to purchase a Lantern for story time or overnight travels. 

Safari Friends

These friends are as cute as they are cuddly. When going on long trips, your child can play with them, imagine new stories, and even use them as a soft pillow when it's naptime. These cuties give the best hugs when your child needs some comfort. The size small Safari Friends are easy to tote along where ever you may go. These companions are available in many different colors and sizes and are perfect friends for every child! The Safari Friends are even machine washable, so you don't have to worry about them getting a little dirty during your travels. 

Bunnies & Rabbits Size 1

These precious bunnies and rabbits are the ideal travel size. They are even pocket size! No need to bring a large stuffed animal when you can bring a few of these friends with you. Choose from a variety of designs to inspire your child's next road trip adventure. Take this Maileg classic on trips with you, so your child always has a friendly face by their side. Don't be surprised if your child wants their bunny friend in the family photo op!

Baby Room Playset

Baby on board! This bundle of joy comes in a slim keepsake box, so it's easy to bring on the road. The playset includes our adorable ginger baby, a chair,  nightime onesie, diaper and sleeping bag. Your child will have fun changing the baby's clothes and tucking their sweet friend into bed. This set will inspire hours of entertainment right in a child's lap! 


Safe Travels, Maileg Friends! Share your adventures with us @mailegusa