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Gifts by Age

Are you looking for a gift for your child, grandchild or niece & nephew - but don't know what to buy?

We're here to help! Take a look at our guide to help you find the perfect Maileg gift based on age.

Age Approval

All our toys are tested and approved according to 2 standards; EN-71 (Europe) and ASTM-F963 (USA). 

All soft fabric animals (100% fabric) are approved for all ages (0-3 years) however there are some products where our recommendation is 3+ years due to small parts and a child’s fine motor skills at 0-3 years. 

The approved age can be found on the product page for the given toy and on the hang tag. If you're unsure, you can always ask us! 

Age 0-3


Our rattles are designed for little hands to hold. Rattles are fantastic for little children because they provide both auditory and sensory stimulation.  We have a variety of rattle designs in including Bambi Rattles, Teddy Rattles, and Lullaby Friends Rattles.

The Bambi Rattle can be purchased individually or as a Baby Gift Set containing a Bambi rattle, a cozy knitted blanket, and a suitcase to store the items in. 

Lullaby Collection

The Lullaby Friends Collection has beautiful baby items. Each item has charming packaging, ready to be gifted. The Rattles are intentionally shaped for a small hands and have a stimulating sound. The soft toys come with a cuddle cloth and play a calming lullaby when you pull their tail. The mobile with animals can hang over the baby's bed or be used as a decoration in the baby room. Take a look at our Baby Gift Guide.


Age 3+


The mice family is a big collection of many different sizes  and designs. They are made of the finest linen and have different themes like Castle, Beach or Hiker. The mice are approved for all ages, however we recommend them for 3+ years when children are at the golden age of imaginative play. This is when the child’s motor skills will be more developed, so they are able to change the mouse’s clothes and utilize the small furniture pieces. Read more about the benefits of Pretend Play.

 The mice have their own clothing collection and furniture. You can also buy a dollhouse for your mice where they can invite the Teddy family and Bunnies and Rabbits in size 1 and 2 for a tea party.

Bunnies and Rabbits

The Bunnies & Rabbits are made of soft natural linen & cotton fabric - which gives a lovely feel and look. The ears are up for rabbits and down for bunnies. These hares come in a variety of sizes so you can make a whole family! 

They have their own clothing collection and furniture so you can expand the playtime stories. Our Dollhouse is the perfect home for the Bunnies and Rabbits Size 1-2. 

All Ages

Safari Friends

A stuffed animal is a toy all ages can enjoy. Safari friends are made of the softest linen and come in great colors and sizes. Choose from a selection of Hippos, Rhinos and Elephants. They give the best hugs and can sit by themselves. A Safari friend is a perfect partner for adventures and long naps!

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The Teddy Family

The Teddy family is a sweet collection of 3 – Teddy Junior, Mum, and Dad. They are made of soft linen and have a vintage look. This trio is perfect for baby cuddles or playtime with an older child. Each Teddy has their own bed and variety of clothes for all occassions. The Teddy Family can live in the Dollhouse and fit nicely in our Dollhouse furniture.

ready for BEAR HUGS?


Maileg kittens are super soft and perfect for snuggles. They are made of linen and come in nightclothes. These cute friends fit purrfectly in our Mini Wooden Beds. Host a sleepover with your Kitten or cuddle up and watch your favorite film. 

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Gifting Help

Still not sure what the perfect gift for your loved one is? No problem.

Fill out our simple form and we will send you customized gift suggestions based on your answers. Our ideas will be sent via an invoice that will take you straight to the checkout page, or you can reply and edit it however you would like.  Have fun finding the perfect gift for your occasion! We can't wait to help.

Wrap your thoughtful gift with our beautiful giftwrap and ribbon. Our Giftwrap is extremely sturdy and is available in several designs. Our Ribbon is also available in many colors and made of natural materials like cotton.

Gift Wrapping Option

Not much of gift wrapper? Let us do it for you! Select "Gift wrap this item" at checkout for your order to arrive as a beautiful present. Our Maileg team works with love and intention for every individual gift wrapped order. Learn more about our Gift Wrap Option.

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