How To Start A Maileg Collection - Maileg USA

When people discover our whimsical Maileg world, they often ask the same question, "What do I start with?"

That's a tough one to answer because it really depends on who it's for. We've put together a quick guide for those just getting started with Maileg.


For everyone! Our mice are the ambassadors of Maileg and appeal to every age group. They range from our littlest, 3-inch Baby Twins in a Box to our 20-inch Maxi Mice,They are portable so they naturally travel very well.

Our scrapbook is filling up nicely with photos sent by our customers showing their mice attending a wedding in India, sampling cheese in France, and line dancing in the Texas Hill Country. The mouse family is growing, with new characters joining the story every season. Stay tuned... :)

Soft Toys

Cuddle time! Our collection of soft toys is a baby's kingdom of animal friends, from Safari Friends (Elephants, Hippos and Rhinosto our adorable Best Friends who each come in their own gift box. Our plush toys are fat and mushy - the softest, most huggable friends for child. Take a look at our Baby Gift Guide here!

The Teddy's

The Teddy family includes Teddy Mum, Dad and Junior. This trio comes in classic colors to complement their vintage design. The Teddy's have many clothing options and each have a special bed. The Teddy collection is for perfect pretend play when matched with their imaginative accessories. 

Bunnies & Rabbits

Bunnies and Rabbits are special to the Maileg World. They are one of the original collections and have been through many redesigns. They are multiplying! It's safe to say the newest generation of Maileg Bunnies is the most adorable yet.
The redesigned bunnies and rabbits are made from a new blend of cotton and linen for softer cuddling, and are available in hand-held or life-size.

Their attitude is confident and comforting. Making a friend from this collection will surely bring a smile to any child's face and will be their friend forever. Oh and remember, Ears Up = Rabbit. Ears down = Bunny. Take a look at our newest bunnies and rabbits.

Clothes & Furniture

Once you start, you can add to your collection of Maileg friends with everything from clothing, furniture, vehicles, food, castles, houses - there is really no limit. New items are imagined by our masterful designer and brought to reality several times each year.

We have a quickly growing community of Maileg Lovers who are more than happy to help you get started with your Maileg collection. You can find them on our Facebook Group by clicking here! We'll be happy to see you there. Lastly, if you need any guidance above and beyond, we are always happy to help. You may reach us by emailing or calling us at (678) 684-0408.