Racer Mouse, Mega

Dressed in jeans, a striped shirt, and a cool red leather cap this Mega Racer Boy is ready head out on adventures with you! He is a great companion as he is almost life sized! 

Measures 28 in

Cotton Outer Polyester Filled

Size Guide

Maileg Size Guide
Maileg Bunnies
My: 4.5"
Micro: 5"
Mini: 10"
Medium: 18"
Maxi: 21"
Mega: 28" 
Mega Maxi: 38" 
Maileg Mice:
Big Brother and Big Sister Mice can fit into Micro clothing and furniture. 
Baby Boy and Baby Girl Mouse can fit into the My Collection high chairs and bouncy chairs.
Best Friends:
-All Best Friends (Bunny, Doggy, and Kitten) are 14 inches