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Ballet Playset

Our Amazing Ballet Collection is now available in one bundle. 

You will receive the Dancing Bunny in the tube, the Ballet Studio, and the Dancing Cat and Mouse in Shoebox.

The complete set is all you need to build a beautiful play setting for your next performance!

The dance studio is perfect for your Maileg friends to practice their favorite ballet moves in! The Ballet School set comes with two cushions, a bar and mirror, bench, and little gold hangers. 

Measures 12" X 8.5" X 6"

The Shoebox set comes with three cushions, two gold hangers, a box with a mirror, bar, and bench, and a cat and mouse. The cat and mouse wear their tutus and are ready to perform. Get ready for the big opening night with your new Maileg friends! Both friends have magnets in their hands so they can pose on the metal bars inside the studio. 

Measures 11" X 4.5" X 3"

Cat measures: 9"

mouse measures:5"

This precious ballerina bunny flutters around dressed in her cute ballet outfit. She comes with a tube and wears a powder leotard, tutu, flower hair piece, and pointy shoes.

The hands have magnets in them so they can be used to set poses and be used with the Ballet School.

Bunny: 10"

Tube: 8"

Original price for this set was $182

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