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Let me tell you a story, I swear that it’s true.
There’s a place in this world, so peaceful and blue.
It’s the Maileg Kingdom, a magical place,
Where animals spend their days playing chase.

Spring is a time for games and fun,
For foxes, wolves and everyone.
They run and play from morning to night,
They always laugh and never fight.
When winter comes, they wear scarfs and hats,
And hide in caves with a family of bats.

Far up in tall and luscious green trees,
Amongst the birds and monkeys and bees,
You’ll spot Mr. Mouse and his friend the owl,
They talk and laugh and play and howl.
Mr. Mouse is a friend and not a treat,
In the Maileg world, you don’t eat meat.

The Kingdom of Mice is a place full of cheer,
Ruled by Kings and Queens who holds everyone dear.
And all mice families, the big and the small,
Spend all their mice days just having a ball.
They sleep in boxes so warm and neat,
They swing on cheeses and a newspaper seat.
They use milk cartons as their little house,
Yes, life is good for a Maileg mouse.

Just around the corner and behind the hill top
If you sit quiet and still, you’ll see them hop.
It’s the family of rabbits, so soft and furry,
They’re always so fast, always in a hurry.
There are hugs to be given and smiles to be spread,
Before you know it, it’s time for bed.
They dream of carrots: their favorite treat!
Just watch them sleep, oh aren’t they sweet!

When Christmas comes and everything’s white,
The pixies come out and play in the night
They hide your socks and chase the cat,
And tell funny stories to Magnus the rat.
But leave them cookies and then you’ll see,
They’ll be nice and leave your socks be.

I’ve told my story, I’ve told it true,
And now I leave it up to you.
If you believe in magic and wonders and fun,
Just come with me and together we’ll run,
To the Maileg Kingdom, a place for all;
The happy, the sad, the short and the tall,
Old and young, a girl and a boy
Life is for living, toy is for joy.

Maileg Size Guide
Maileg Bunnies
My: 4.5"
Micro: 5"
Mini: 10"
Medium: 18"
Maxi: 21"
Mega: 28" 
Mega Maxi: 38" 
Maileg Mice:
Big Brother and Big Sister Mice can fit into Micro clothing and furniture. 
Baby Boy and Baby Girl Mouse can fit into the My Collection high chairs and bouncy chairs.
Best Friends:
-All Best Friends (Bunny, Doggy, and Kitten) are 14 inches