Truffle Pig, Big - Light Umber - Maileg USA

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The classic truffle pigs have got a new bigger size in the family. This big truffle pig is made in a ramie/cotton blend material which ensure a soft feel and has printed dots on body. It fits perfectly into small arms for a friendly hug.

SKU: 16-3987-01
Size: Big
Height: 14.17 in.
Recommended age: All ages
Wash: 30 C
Filling: Recycled polyester/PP Pellets

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Customer Reviews

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This things slays me.

After ordering this from a nearby shop several months ago, I rushed over when it finally arrived. When I saw this pig sitting on the counter, I literally laughed out loud. He is so big and his legs are so teenie! It’s ridiculous! I immediately asked the owner if I could carry him around the store because I couldn’t take my eyes (or hands) off of him. He is 15 inches high seated and he looks great on my couch. The umber color is a nice, neutral, dark tan color. The other color offered is really cute too, with a deeper rose, pink hue. (Not a light or garish pink at all.). I would buy this guy again in a heartbeat. He is extraordinarily adorable and he makes my eyes smile.