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Maileg and Motherly

Motherly writes an informative, passionate, and sincere blog for Mamas out there looking for content with a voice of support and inspiration. 

Our work with them focuses on the simpler side of playtime with your young ones. Fewer and simpler toys cut clutter and inspire more imaginative play. As a story making company we support this notion through our design and development of new toys. 

This collection is a small representation of what we offer. It is to the point and completely interchangeable. We rarely make the same toys twice because our designer is just like our kids, always innovating and thinking of new ways to bring the different Maileg worlds together. We don't have furniture or clothing for all sizes because we believe the imagination of children doesn't need those boundaries. Its okay if a little sister mouse and an XL Gantosauras go to the cafe together. Sometimes its fun to have a giant to breakfast!

The Maileg world is a magical place, we are pleased you have found us and that we get to share in the special childhood memories you and your family will create:)