Kitten in Overalls - Blond - Maileg USA

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Kittens who fits perfectly into a small hand so they are easy to bring on the go. Kitten comes in a soft knitted overall and fits all Maileg furniture in size mini. The knitted hats from Best friends collection can keep the kittens warm in winter.

SKU: 16-2901-00
Height: 9.05 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Hand wash
Material: Cotton / Linen

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Customer Reviews

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LOVE my little kitties in overalls!!! I have ordered (and received) ALL FOUR ….. ADORABLE!

Mary Meredith
Sweet kittens

There is a special sweet innocence the maileg animals bring. Each Christmas I order one kitten for my sister. Gradually, we are assembling the entire litter. When we have all the kittens, we’ll start with the bunnies. By the way, we are both in our 70’s.


Really cute


Great for snuggles and pretend play. My daughter adores this cat!

Hermine Hull
We named her Meow.

I just bought this kitten to add to the Chat Family of Cat Cottage. She lives with Ginger, also in knitted overalls, and a smaller black cat, Monsieur Chat, who leaves home to work as a lifeguard with his life preserver and lifeguard chair. All Maileg, of course.

They live in a two-story cottage made from old wooden wine crates, filled with Maileg furniture, a kitchen, and a bedroom with fireplace. Their frequent guests are the King and Queen of Mousylvania, who come to visit with all of the little Prince and Princess mice.

My great-niece and I have loved Maileg mice, and now the kitties, since she was two. We have quite a collection. They are companions and playmates, never failing to enchant, and inspire a story.

This is a longer than necessary review, so consider it as accommodating the bride and groom mice I just bought Iyla for her 7th birthday.

Hi Hermie! Thank you for your kind review and for sharing this wonderful story. The home you created for your Kittens sounds so magical. Your great-niece is lucky to have someone to buy and play Maileg with her. Hoping the Bride & Groom add some extra magic to your storytelling adventures.