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Pixy Couple Marie & Magnus, Medium

The Pixy family comes from an itty-bitty country far away up North. From there, Pixies have wandered to all parts of the world, to spread their Christmas joy..

Pixies hide in cupboards and drawers where they muddle things up and put bow-ties inside socks. Late at night they dance with mice, bake cookies for Santa and invite the tiny Christmas elves for hot cocoa and a game of hide and seek between the presents under the tree.

Each Pixy has their own personality and style. That's what makes these guys so magical. Each have different colored scarfs, with different patterned clothes. These Pixies are classic one-of-a-kind Maileg collectibles.

They're soft to the touch and durable enough to pass on from this generation to the next.

Made of 100% Cotton shell fabric and Polyester filling

*Pixy Couples are always sold in two.

Measures 21"

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