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The Newly Designed Bunnies & Rabbits

The Newly Designed Bunnies & Rabbits

June 12, 2019

The New Bunnies & Rabbits Have Arrived!

New Look!
We are delighted to introduce the next generation of Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits. We've made slight changes to them and we have to say, they look more adorable than ever before! 

The upper body is now rounder, with shoulders, so the clothing will fit better. 

There is slightly less filling in the body so they are softer and easier to cuddle:)

The bottom of the bodies is more weighted so they can sit more naturally.

The ears are sewn from the back of the head so they sit a little back and look cuter.

New Fabric!
They are s-o-f-t-e-r, made from a blend of washed cotton and linen (for better cuddling, of course).

New Wardrobe!
Their little faces are rounder and their shoulders are more defined to fit in their new clothes just right. All are dressed in wonderfully-detailed, high-quality fashions, like French Breton sailor shirts and fine cotton dresses in bright colors. Designs for more new clothes are being finalized and should arrive later in the summer. Please note that due to the revised body style (broader shoulders), the older clothes will not fit the new Rabbits and Bunnies.

New Sizes!
We have new sizes, 1 (the smallest) through 5 (like the Mega).

New Measurements for Rabbits
Size 1: Measures 10" (a little larger than the Mini size)
Size 2: Measures 12" (in-between the Mini and Medium size)
Size 3: Measures 19" (about the same size as Medium size)
Size 4: Measures 26" (a little smaller than the Maxi size)
Size 5: Measures 31" (about the same as the Mega size)

New Measurements for Bunnies
Size 1: Measures 9" (a little larger than the Mini size)
Size 2: Measures 10" (in-between the Mini and Medium size) 

Size 3: Measures 16" (about the same as Medium size)
Size 4: Measures 20.5" (a little smaller than the Maxi size)

Size 5: Measures 26" (about the same as the Mega size)

Quick Tips for Furniture

Maileg Dollhouse

Size 1 and 2 will fit the dollhouse.

Mini Furniture

Size 1 and 2 perfect for Mini Furniture.

Medium Furniture

Size 3 will fit all Medium Furniture.

'Hare' Are A Few New Bunnies & Rabbits To Start With...

Sailor Rabbit, Size 1

This sailor rabbit comes with a white on ochre striped French bateau and linen sea-foam trousers. Set sail this summer with this new adorable rabbit friend! Made of a soft blend of cotton and linen fabric and measures roughly 10 inches tall.

Flower Dress Bunny, Size 2

These lovely bunnies spend the day enjoying sunshine in her floral off-white, blue, and orange summer dress that has a knitted blue belt at the bodice. Create wonderful new stories with this fabulous new Maileg friend. Measures 10 inches tall.

Red Dress Bunny, Size 3

These lovely bunnies spend all day enjoying the sunshine in grass fields while eating carrots. This bunny is dressed in two options: a red cotton dress with pin dot bodice and solid skirt. The second is a cotton off-white dress with polka dot bodice and striped skirt. Measures roughly 16 inches tall.

Sailor Rabbit, Size 4

All hands on deck! This intricately crafted size 4 Sailor Rabbit doesn't sacrifice his sea legs for style as he demonstrates how important it is to look good out on the open ocean. Comes with a navy blue bateau with white stripes and comfortable linen shorts. Measures roughly 26 inches tall.

Knitted Dress Bunny, Size 5

This lovely size 5 bunny is the perfect new friend and cuddle buddy for any child. When she isn't relaxing in her nice garden, this bunny loves nothing more than to spend quality time playing with her friends! Measures roughly 26 inches.

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