Maileg Princess and Pea Transformation - Maileg USA

Princess & The Pea: Renditions of a Timeless Tale

The fairytale begins with a girl and a not so comfy bed. This Danish children's story is one we all know well. It is a timeless story passed on through generations. Although the root of the fairytale remains the same, it has been adapted into films, operas, poems, and TV shows. Our princess has been through many transformations as well. In welcoming our newest design to our universe, we want to share the many different styles of this signature piece from over the years.


Maileg's First Princess and Pea is unveiled

The very first rendition was a hand-crafted crocheted doll. Hidden within the pile of soft mattresses, is one tiny, hand-knit pea. The darling princess daydreams and rests on her six mattress bed.


The Princess Receives Several Design Updates

This charming rendition is one that many collectors know and remember. The princess came with a small book, to inspire playtime stories. The book was hand-drawn by our very talented designer, Dorthe Mailil. 


The Princess upgrades to an elegant room

The magnificent fold-away princess room added more to dimension to the story and created a wonderful playtime scene. The interior is illustrated with nostalgic wallpaper and a medieval-style chandelier.

Bunny and the Pea was also created

These beautiful designs were developed in 2013 and didn't retire until 2016. Our whimsical princess bunny wore golden slippers and a matching tiara. 


And then came the mouse

Our Princess and the Pea Mouse was first introduced in Fall 2016.  This design takes the creativity of Maileg's popular Mouse in Matchbox to new heights. The beautiful keepsake castle slides open and closed or could be stacked to create a two-story castle! Outside the printed "brick" castle, a small window reveals a handsome illustrated figure waving from the inside. Who could it be, but the prince of our princess' dream-come-true?


Princess and the Pea Mouse gets a new look

Our charming mouse princess receives a new dress and painted her castle to compliment her beige and light pink color scheme. The princess even got an elegant new crown!


Pretty in pink

This style is our pinkest version yet! The princess, along with her castle, receive a lively pop of color and adorable new mattress patterns. The crocheted pea is now replaced with a wooden pea, hidden within the mattress.


Welcome our newest Princess and the Pea Mouse! 

Become enchanted with the newest Maileg take on the Princess and the Pea! This princess, who wears a stunning blue and gold sparkle dress, arrives in a beautiful castle. Just like in the story, the princess mouse still feels the pea even with the many mattresses that come in this cute set... how charming! 

Is she a real princess? Only the pea and the child's imagination will reveal the story!