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Gifts for Baby Showers

Gifts for Baby Showers

June 12, 2019

Going to a baby shower? Don't know what to bring? There is much to consider when choosing the perfect gift for your loved one's baby. Is it soft and snuggly? Is it adorable? Will it be cherished? Here are some great Maileg gift ideas for the mom-to-be in your life.

Fluffy Buffy Bunny 

The Fluffy Buffy Bunny is the perfect cuddle partner. He is the softest of all Maileg products and is made to last for years of play. 

This bunny is sure to become the new favorite Maileg friend. 

Noah's Friends 

Introducing Noah's friends! These cute little Maileg buddies are the perfect baby gift. Collect all these adorable rattles and store them in Noah's Ark! These cute little animals come in different sizes and multiple colors. 

Which one is your favorite? 

Mouse in Box

The Mouse in Box is one of the smallest Maileg friends, which will stay with the baby from the very beginning. The mice come in a small matchbox so they have their own place to sleep and will always be close to them. 

See the whole collection and choose your beloved Maileg Mouse. 


Baby Gift Set

This beautiful baby gift set includes a Bambi rattle and a soft knitted blanket, both in cotton. It is packed in a keepsake, decorated handmade suitcase, which makes it perfect to take anywhere. 


Gift wrapping 

First impressions count! With our gift wrapping service the Maileg treasure will arrive nicely packed and ready to be opened. 

- Spread joy and share love!

Notice: Except some bigger items. 

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