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Back to School with Maileg

The end of July is bittersweet. It is squeezing in that last family trip, or scrambling to finish summer work that has sat in backpacks since the last day of school. If you’re a child, you may be soaking up those last few pool days, not quite ready to let them go.  If you’re an adult, you may be counting down the days until you once again have some much deserved ‘me time’.  

A new school year is upon us.  It is a fresh start after a strange year of virtual school which was a big learning curve for many. The feeling of nerves and excitement surround the household, especially children. Many children will be entering the classroom for the first time in what seems like eternity. It is important to equipped your child with all the necessary supplies so they are prepared, but more importantly, excited!

Back to school shopping is motivating, whether it's picking out a first day of school outfit, a blank agenda, or fresh set of pencils. There is nothing more inspirational to get you back in the groove than supplies to be excited about, and Maileg has just that. Take a look at these versatile Maileg designs and get your child excited about returning into the classroom!

Pencil Case

Precious cargo! Our Bambino Suitcase and make the chicest pencil box. These suitcases can hold all of your writing utensils in one place. You can even store your smaller metal suitcases inside to keep everything extra organized!


Don't fear, a friend is near! Starting school can be nerve-wracking for some especially with new people and surroundings. A child won't feel alone when they have a Maileg friend by their side. With a friendly sidekick for support, they will be ready to face anything the new year throws their way!

Lunch Box

Snack time! These vibrant lunch boxes are fantastic on-the-go companions. They expand or retract depending on how much food you need to store in them.

Metal Suitcases

These suitcases aren't just for little mice! Keep your smaller supplies organized in style. The suitcases fit perfectly in a backpack pocket and add a spritz of color to a child's desk.