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Operation Lunchbox

Operation Lunchbox

April 12, 2020 2 Comments

Maileg Partners with Operation Lunchbox Charity

Earlier this year, MailegUSA and Operation Lunchbox organized a pep rally to pack close to 1,000 meals for families who are experiencing financial hardship, but, leading up to the present, we had to delay our social gathering.

Hunger puts tremendous stress on families and greatly impacts other areas of life, such as behavior, academic performance, and achievement. In the event children are afforded school provided breakfast and lunch, most still do not have food for dinner or the weekends. 

With schools now closed, the sharp rise in unemployment, and essentials becoming scarce, it has been even more difficult for these children and their families to receive the basics, which is why MailegUSA took an immediate pledge to supply Operation Lunchbox with the groceries they desperately need. Before selling a single lunchbox, we decided to go ahead and donate all the food we purchased to pack into the lunch boxes. Rather than wait for the pandemic to ease, we knew it was the right thing to do. Once we are able, we will buy food for another 700 lunchboxes, fill them and donate everything we have. But first we need your help!

While the method of packing and delivering these groceries changed, the message has not, and we are committed to dedicating additional resources to their organization in the following ways: 

How You Can Help

  • For every signature Maileg Lunchbox that is purchased, we donate a lunchbox. 
  • If you purchase more than one lunchbox, we will equally match your contribution.
  • Once we have sold our last lunchbox, we will have donated another 700 meals to the families that need it most. 

'At Home' Giveaway Contest

'At Home' Giveaway

Below is our original post, written pre-Covid. Things have changed but our mission stays the same!

Maileg toys are loved by many of different ages around the world. Our toys are shared, cherished, and handed down from generation to generation. We’ve always followed the philosophy of creating well-made, adorable toys that last. We follow this philosophy not only for our toys, but for building long-standing relationships for causes near and dear to our hearts. With that being said, we have an exciting announcement. Maileg USA has partnered up with a local Atlanta charity called Operation Lunchbox to donate pre-packed Maileg Lunch boxes. For every signature Maileg Lunch box that is purchased, we will donate another lunch box filled with non-perishable food items to less fortunate children around the Atlanta area. Maileg USA will gather to pre-pack over 700 Maileg Lunch boxes to donate to the charity.

Operation Lunchbox provides non-perishable foods for children in and around the Atlanta area every week. They work with local schools to provide bags of food for less fortunate children to take home on a weekly basis. Operation Lunchbox strives to be a constant in the lives of these children so that they have confidence that there will be something in the pantry for them when they are hungry. 

The charity’s president, Dave Newman, launched the charity back in 2015 and fed over 10,000 students within 20 Atlanta schools in its first year. His goal is to eventually grow his charity to help feed children in need in ALL Atlanta schools. 

Part of Operation Lunchbox’s mission is to educate, advocate, and feed. The charity educates people on the need of the community by attending events, conferences and festivals to talk about their program. It advocates for the child hunger by being the voice of less fortunate children in the community. Operation Lunchbox strives to feed over 1,800 children on a weekly basis by providing enough grocery items to children in local community schools.

So how can you contribute? When you purchase a Maileg Lunch box, we will donate a pre-packed lunch box to Operation Lunchbox. The children will now have a lunch box container to use when packing food and snacks to eat throughout the day during school hours. Interested in learning more, please visit Operation Lunchbox for more information. Interested in partnering with Maileg for a charitable cause, please contact jt@maileg.dk.

2 Responses

Rosemary Haverstock
Rosemary Haverstock

May 19, 2020

Love your toys especially the mice in match boxes, the tin suitcases, I have a few of them even though I an old lady with a young heart ❤️. You are doing a fantastic job with helping with the lunch boxes, I will be buying 2 Blessings to you all. 🦋

Kate Castle
Kate Castle

May 08, 2020

Love you toys! Love your lunch box program!

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